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CryptoCrooks is a collection of 5000 unique collectible NFT characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each character grants you a vote in the CryptoCrooks DAO.


A story about evil turned good

CryptoCrooks Gallery

"Not everyone on the internet is evil, I figured.
I even met this person in the 'small' ETHCC community. What's the chance they're a bad actor? Plus I should work on the fact I have a hard time trusting people anyway."

I took a (terrible) bet and I lost. It was 3 AM friday night right before ETHCC4 kickoff. I realised I fell victim to FOMO and just sent my money to a blockchain scammer. I trusted the wrong person. No ticket. No ETHCC4.

After getting scammed out of my entrance ticket money. (Yes I'm dumb, see full story here.)

I got inspired.

I got inspired and challenged myself to try and (l)earn my losses back. Not wanting this experience to have a negative influence, I set out to build something fun and valuable for our beloved Ethereum community:

CryptoCrooks: A Generative NFT Collection and DAO Fund.

Join the CryptoCrooks Community DAO Fund through a fair and public sale of 5000 generative NFT's, printed on the Ethereum blockchain.

The funds raised (80% of mint fee) are sent to the DAO Vault, and staked using yield generating strategies. Yield generated by the DAO Vault is managed and spent by our community: the CryptoCrooksDAO.

The CryptoCrooksDAO aims to support ecosystem related charity projects (eg. GirlsWhoCode project, Axie Scholarschips, ...) and promising ETH protocols that may have fell victim to hackers (Pickle, XTK, ...).

Pursuing a vision of a world where not everything is evil...

Meet The Gang

Everything about this project was built and executed by one person. Although the DAO runs itself I got some help from my SNX Degen/d420 frens and respected community members.

  • WWWillems

    Smart Contract + Web Development

  • Bashful


  • Trevrez

    Discord Admin

  • You?

    Contact Us!

  • WWWillems

    CryptoCrooks Founder

  • Vfat Founder

  • Psybull

    OG DeFi Farmer

  • Jaaq Founder

Multi Sig Omerta Guardians

The Gnosis DAO Safe is protected by a multi signature formed by 4 CryptoCrooks Omerta Guardians. The Community DAO can vote to replace the vault address by any address/DAO framework. (eg. JuiceBox.)

CryptoCrooksDAO Fund

A community managed Gnosis Safe that maximises it's yield through passive yield bearing strategies, and donates that yield to community related charity projects and/or upcoming ETH protocols. eg:

  • - GirlsWhoCode, CodeToInspire, ...
  • - Axie Scholarschips
  • - Crypto Trees, Treerise

Join the CryptoCrooksDAO and give back to the Community!

CryptoCrooksDAO: Check out the basic scheme here.

Verified Contract: 0xe0ab0a26657e6b39e3980819db1007b4f499dc09
DAO Vault: 0x54Bc506b4EB3570522c062539b35E5b61853AbEc

Rated 5 stars by a few paid shills

Following exploit victims have been whitelisted for presale



Each milestone reached earns a reward for our Community

This was my chance to give back to the community I love. I didn't want my non-ETHCC4 experience to have a negative influence so I decided to try and do something good.

WWWillems, CryptoCrooks Maker


Each CryptoCrook NFT is a unique creation that's programmatically generated from a set of 5000 CryptoCrooks with over 7 traits and 50 attributes. All CryptoCrooks are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

All 5000 CryptoCrooks are minted from our website at a fixed price of 0.08 ETH each. No bonding curve or price tiers, older CryptoCrooks NFTs have a first-mover advantage in future DAO votes.

After minting, you can sell your CryptoCrook NFT through secondary platforms such as OpenSea.



Each milestone reached earns a reward for our Community

  • 25% SOLD

    Phase 1

    1 CryptoCrook giveaway

  • 50% SOLD

    Phase 2

    1 CryptoCrook giveaway

  • 75% SOLD

    Phase 3

    1 CryptoCrook giveaway

  • 100% SOLD

    Phase 4

    CryptoCrookDAO Activation

  • Every 2.5 ETH Secondary Volume

    Until 25 ETH Secondary Volume: 1 CryptoCrook giveaway

  • 25 ETH Secondary Volume

    1 CryptoCrook giveaway

  • 50 ETH Secondary Volume

    Mystery Announcement

  • 100 ETH Secondary Volume

    OpenSea Verification

Help Us Catch These Crooks

Collect and hold CryptoCrooks to enlist you for Milestone Giveaways and airdrops.


Most Wanted

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No questions asked...

What is an NFT?
An NFT is a non fungible token. A unique digital asset, that can be verified on a blockchain.
We're using the OpenZeppelin ERC-721 Standard on the Ethereum blockchain.
What is an SVG?
SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and is a vector-based image format for 2d graphics, animation and interactivity. Its been part of the W3C Open Standard since 1999
What is a CryptoCrook?
CryptoCrooks are infinitely scalable vector graphics, generated algorithmitically. They are minted as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Most are regular bad boys, but there are a few rare types mixed in. Every crook has their own unique set of attributes and can be owned and sold on OpenSea or any ERC-721 compatible NFT platform. No Crook is the same!
Why should I mint a CryptoCrook?
You need a CryptoCrook to vote on CryptoCrookDAO proposals, and by extension, to manage the CryptoCrooksDAO. Owning a CryptoCrook will grant you exclusive membership to our CryptoCrooks Community.
What happens when all Crooks are minted?
After the last CryptoCrook has been minted, the first CryptoCrooksDAO proposal will be created and put up for voting. We will be using for off-chain voting. The community decides which project receives the first round of support from our DAO Fund. The CryptoCrooksDAO focuses on valuable DApps for the Ethereum ecosystem that may have become victim of unforseen circumstances and/or Smart Contract hacks. (Think Pickle/XTK/etc.)
What happens with the CryptoCrooksDAO Funds?
80% of all minting fees are automatically sent to the CryptoCrooksDAO Vault by our Smart Contract. The remaining 20% will be used for marketing and development and community building. The DAO Vault will stake its assets under management using a yield bearing strategy such as Yearn, Convex, Aave, StakeDAO, etc. The generated yield will momentarily be withdrawn, and sent to the DAO Fund. The DAO Fund will be used to support projects deemed worthy by The Community (CryptoCrooksDAO).
How many crooks will be made?
A maximum of 5000 CryptoCrooks will ever be minted. Our Smart Contract running on Ethereum ensures this. A total of 500 Crooks will be reserved for the team, marketing purposes and development.
What do I need to do to buy a crook?
Make sure you have MetaMask installed and have at least 0.08 ETH to pay for minting + gas costs.
Where can I see your Smart Contract?

Check out the contract HERE.