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What is an NFT?
An NFT is a non fungible token. A unique digital asset, that can be verified on a blockchain.
We're using the OpenZeppelin ERC-721 Standard on the Ethereum blockchain.
What is an SVG?
SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and is a vector-based image format for 2d graphics, animation and interactivity. Its been part of the W3C Open Standard since 1999
What is a CryptoCrook?
CryptoCrooks are infinitely scalable vector graphics, generated algorithmitically. They are minted as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Most are regular bad boys, but there are a few rare types mixed in. Every crook has their own unique set of attributes and can be owned and sold on OpenSea or any ERC-721 compatible NFT platform. No Crook is the same!
Why should I mint a CryptoCrook?
You need a CryptoCrook to vote on CryptoCrookDAO proposals, and by extension, to manage the CryptoCrooksDAO. Owning a CryptoCrook will grant you exclusive membership to our CryptoCrooks Community.
What happens when all Crooks are minted?
After the last CryptoCrook has been minted, the first CryptoCrooksDAO proposal will be created and put up for voting. We will be using for off-chain voting. The community decides which project receives the first round of support from our DAO Fund. The CryptoCrooksDAO focuses on valuable DApps for the Ethereum ecosystem that may have become victim of unforseen circumstances and/or Smart Contract hacks. (Think Pickle/XTK/etc.)
What happens with the CryptoCrooksDAO Funds?
80% of all minting fees are automatically sent to the CryptoCrooksDAO Vault by our Smart Contract. The remaining 20% will be used for marketing and development and community building. The DAO Vault will stake its assets under management using a yield bearing strategy such as Yearn, Convex, Aave, StakeDAO, etc. The generated yield will momentarily be withdrawn, and sent to the DAO Fund. The DAO Fund will be used to support projects deemed worthy by The Community (CryptoCrooksDAO).
How many crooks will be made?
A maximum of 5000 CryptoCrooks will ever be minted. Our Smart Contract running on Ethereum ensures this. A total of 500 Crooks will be reserved for the team, marketing purposes and development.
What do I need to do to buy a crook?
Make sure you have MetaMask installed and have at least 0.08 ETH to pay for minting + gas costs.
Where can I see your Smart Contract?

Check out the contract HERE.